Afbeelding 6


In this world everything goes way too fast, we have overdose of knowledge and dealing with a broad variety of achievements. This dynamic world asks for products that makes life a bit more easy.

Based on the ‘Nederlandse nuchterheid’ BURKELY provides down to earth products for every day. Products that understand your busy life and support you where necessary. Simplistic forms, robust leathers and functional designs form the foundation of BURKELY. Our aim is to provide products that suit every occasion.



Afbeelding 3.2

Down to earth
BURKELY strongly believes in the art of simplicity which is based on the “Dutch Sobriety’. We distinguish ourselves using tough leathers and fashionable designs with functional elements.

BURKELY addresses their partners like one of their friends, we listen to them and translate their thoughts and our knowledge into successful products. We highly value the relationship with our suppliers and customers.

Surprisingly Timeless
Hours, days or years for BURKELY time doesn’t exist. We cre- ate products that fit every moment of the day and will last for a lifetime. Even though the products are timeless BURKELY desires to surprise customers every season in various ways.

This is BURKELY, every day for everyone.