Our bags are made in a durable and humane way from high-quality hides. We find it important to contribute to a better world in this manner. This way, our products can endure for years when used properly, giving the bag more of a life and personality with each experience. Proper maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated or take much time. We’re happy to explain some things about it.

Waxed leather


To guarantee a long lifespan for your bag, one should invest in good maintenance and care products. Which product is best to use, depends on the type of leather. You can always find the type of leather of your BURKELY bag on our website for all collections that are still in stock. Is your product no longer there or are you still in doubt? Then you can easily test the leather with two small and simple steps.

Wet your finger and press it down on the leather in a circling motion for 5 to 7 seconds. In most cases, you will see that the moisture makes this spot slightly darker. Is this darkened spot no longer visible after 10 seconds? Then the leather has a coated surface, meaning it’s pigmented leather. Thanks to this coating, natural marks and imperfections are less visible and the leather is better protected against outside influences. This type of leather is very low maintenance, user friendly and needs little care. When in doubt, you can do a second test by scratching the leather with your nail in a discrete area. If the scratch doesn’t remain visible, you can be certain that the leather is pigmented.

Should the wet dark spot remain (partially) visible after 10 seconds, we are dealing with drum dyed leather where the hide has been immersed in dyestuffs, after which the surface has not been finished with a pigmented layer. When the scratch remains visible during the second test, it means the drum dyed leather has been finished with a layer of wax or oil. It’s also known as waxed leather. This leather often has a beautiful natural and sometimes more robust appearance with hues. Due to the way it was dyed, the leather has no protective coating, which makes proper care extra important.

When the scratch is only slightly visible, the leather is even in colour and feels smooth, it is smooth leather. This type of leather has, just like waxed leather, been immersed in dye, showing the natural hues. The difference with waxed leather, however, is that smooth leather often has a shiny gloss finish.

Should the surface leather not show a smooth effect but rather a velour-like one, we call it buffed leather. Examples of these are Nubuck and suede. The open structure allows an easy absorption of dirt, grease and moisture. Good protection is therefore extremely important. Additionally, pay close attention to proper use of the products, as wrong use of the maintenance and care products can also cause stains.

Lastly, there’s hair-on, where the fur of the animal can clearly be seen. Here, we recommend no care at all.

Material Type of leather Maintenance
Savage, IB-print Pigmented leather Collonil Carbon Wax spray and/or Collonil 1909 Wax Leather
Soft Hunter, Washed leather, Reza VT, Desert, Antique vintage, Tasco VT Waxed leather Collonil Carbon Wax spray and/or Collonil 1909 Wax Leather
DDDM, Mirabel Smooth leather Collonil Carbon Wax spray and/or Collonil 1909 Wax Leather
Weatherproof leather, DDDM+Suede, Hunter, Nubuck Buffed leather Collonil Nubuck + Textile Classic
IB Hair-on Hair-on No possibilities for maintenance

Smooth leather


Prevention is better than cure. Leather remains a natural product that, just like your own skin, responds to factors such as (sun)light, water and dirt. Before you start using your bag, we recommend to spray it at around 12 inches of distance with a water and dirt-repelling spray and leave the bag to dry for 30 minutes. Additionally, invest in proper maintenance products such as the Collonil Carbon Wax spray for smooth, pigmented and waxed leather or the Collonil Carbon Pro spray for suede and nubuck. These sprays will limit damage, but won’t protect the leather 100%. Therefore, try to limit the use of your bag in the rain, as this may leave small traces in the leather. If your bag still got wet, leave it to dry naturally and never use a heater or blow-dryer. If you want to store away your purchase for a longer period, your best option would be storing it in a cotton bag. Leather is a natural product and needs to breathe. Fill the bag with old newspapers to help the bag maintain shape.


Buffed leather


We are of the opinion that leather becomes more beautiful the longer it is in use. Should you still want to take care of leather and/or traces of use, then you can apply the Collonil 1909 Wax Leather on pigmented, smooth and waxed leather with a dry cloth or brush. The Collonil 1909 Wax Leather also has a cleaning effect and is available in a neutral colour. Stains can be given extra attention, but always make sure to treat the entire surface. Suede and nubuck can be cared for using Collonil Nubuck + Textile Classic which contains colour pigment to freshen up the leather. Do note that the colour can slightly deviate from the original and could stain. Lightly spray the product onto the bag, after which you can brush it with a suede brush.


Pigmented leather


Spilled something over your bag? The best way to remove it is by immediately dabbing the spilled substance with a tissue or clean cotton cloth. When the bag is made of pigmented leather, you can also use a damp cloth if the stain won’t go away. When the bag is made of waxed leather, grease, oil and moisture stains will gradually go away. If the stain still bothers you, the Collonil Clean & Care Classic helps reduce the visibility. It’s important to treat the bag with the Collonil Carbon Wax spray afterwards, so the leather will once again be protected against dirt and moisture. Be careful when removing stains on suede and nubuck and limit it to dabbing the substances. Because these types of leather are vulnerable, we recommend not wetting them with water or other care and maintenance products. These could possibly make the stains worse. When the stain is serious and seems impossible to remove, feel free to contact us for further advice.