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My name is Tess Muller. I am almost 30 years old and I live in Deventer with my toddler Mylo. During my pregnancy, I started sharing my outfits and my journey as a mommy-to-be online. Soon, this online hobby grew into something bigger, and I was able to turn it into my job. I share a lot about honest parenthood. Being a mother is beautiful, but sometimes it can be quite complicated. For me, it’s mainly because I am no longer together with Mylo’s father. In addition to sharing about honest parenthood, I regularly post outfits for both myself and Mylo.


Tess and bags

As a mother and self-employed person who also works partially as an employee, I carry my entire life with me every day. Of course, like every woman, I become a pack mule on date nights. You know how it goes, “Honey, can my wallet and phone go in your bag?”

What always goes in my bag? Diaper wipes. Not just for clean bottoms! I use them for everything: clean hands, mouth, when my child falls in the mud, and even for quickly freshening up myself amidst all the running and rushing.


”My life is in that bag”


Tess and BURKELY

I love sustainable products. Products that are of high quality and last a long time. BURKELY bags not only meet these criteria but are also timeless, offering a bag for all the occasions mentioned above. My current favorite bag is the Beloved Bailey phone bag! It’s essential for influencers, and the Beloved Bailey Hobo bag is also a favorite of mine.


“My favorite outfit is colorful, comfortable, and paired with a bag that enhances the overall look.”

Favorite bag of Tess