BURKELY is established in 1988 by a family-run company that today celebrates over 75 years of experience in the leather industry. The company goes back three generations, which substantiates our rich heritage and know-how. Our expertise in leather craftsmanship has been passed on and cultivated from grandfather to son and now to grandson.

In 1944 the company known as Horsten Leather Fashion has been set up by Mister A. Horsten in Waalwijk where all the leather magic happened. Years later when one of his sons Cees Horsten turned sixteen and decided not to go back to school, his father told him he had to join the company. This turnout to be a great decision since Cees Horsten had successfully run the company for over 50 years.

Now this knowledge has been carried over to his son Preben Horsten, who is currently leading BURKELY and aims to grow BURKELY further and further.


For years, BURKELY was one of the few leather companies producing goods in the Netherlands, but in 1993, our founders traveled the world to find the best leather craftsmen. With a great history in leathercrafts and passionate artisans, India perfectly met our requirements.

BURKELY currently distributes more than 500.000 articles per year to different countries, but this ambitious team does not stop there. They aim for more outlets in more countries and want to expand sales to many more bags per year, but that is another story.