BURKELY was one of the fewest leather companies, which produced the goods in the Netherlands, but in July 1993 the production shifted to the far east. BURKELY highly values their strong and longlasting relationships with each of their partners.
It all starts in Goirle where designs are created, followed by some samples, which are handmade at our sample departments in India.
The people who work with us are devoted to our BURKELY collection and able to create exactly what we want due to many years of expertise. Thereafter our first creations will be discussed with our team during meetings at the head office resulting in the first signs of a new BURKELY collection.
Several times a year our design department visits the Indian factories in order to accomplish a splendid collection and give a finishing touch where needed.
All these steps together make it possible for us to create a new and surprising collection each season which makes it’s possible to enjoy BURKELY every year, every season, every day.