Tess Muller






My name is Tess Muller. I am almost 30 years old and live with my toddler Mylo in Deventer. During my pregnancy I started sharing my outfits and my adventure as a mommy to be online. Soon this online hobby got out of hand and I was able to make it my job. I share a lot about fair parenting. Being a mother is super beautiful, but sometimes very complicated. For me that is mainly due to the fact that I am no longer together with Mylo's father. In addition to sharing about fair parenting, I regularly share my outfits and Mylo's as well.


Tess & bags

Since I am a mother and self-employed person and work partly as an employee, I drag all my possessions with me every day. Of course, like any woman, I am a pack mule on date night. You probably know 'Honey? Can I put my wallet and phone in your bag?'

What always goes in my bag? Diaper wipes. Not only great for clean buttocks! I really use them for everything; clean hands, mouth, child that fell in the mud and a quick refresher between all that running and rushing.

''My bag is my life!''



I like sustainable products. Products that last for a long time in terms of quality. BURKELY's bags are also timeless and they have a bag for all the above occasions. My favorite bag right now is the Beloved Bailey phone bag! This is indispensable for influencers and the Beloved Bailey Hobo bag.


“My favorite outfit is colorful, comfortable and with a bag that refines the outfit.”