Shana-Remy van de Velde





Hi! I'm Shana-Remy, but most people just call me Shana. I'm from Antwerp and started working on my Instagram page about four years ago. I mainly share my outfits, but occasionally also moments from my daily life. I love creativity and so in my posts. In addition, I think it is very important to be honest with my followers. So I will never post anything I don't support. My style is mainly minimal street style, but also casual-chic. This depends a bit on the day and my mood.


“A bag is the best accessory that can and will complete an outfit!”


What’s always in my bag?

You will always find these things in my bag: telephone, mini mirror, hand cream, wallet, hairbrush, lip balm and an SPFf cream.



I've known BURKELY for over a year now and I'm a big fan of the timeless designs! The bags are very practical, have a great quality and are beautifully finished. My favorite BURKELY bag at the moment is the Beloved Bailey Workbag. This bag is suitable for everyday use, is easy to style and fits a lot (even my Macbook!). I love the bag!


“My go-to outfit at the moment is tailored pants with a cool dad sneaker and a leather bomber jacket or oversized blazer.”



Beste quote ever

Something I've had to learn the hard way over the years is to stop thinking what others will think of me. So the quote I live by is: 'Stop caring what others think and start focusing on yourself.'