Kirsten Hildering





I am Kirsten, 38 years old and live in Ede with my two girls, husband and two cats Henk and Spekkie. I would describe myself as a creative, spontaneous and fun person. I really love people and fashion and interior tips! Over five years ago I started sharing tips on Instagram and I still love it to this day! In addition to being a platform for tips, Instagram is also a kind of online diary for me. I share many personal stories and then both the successes and the less pleasant things. I like honesty and I certainly don't want to show a perfect picture.


Kirsten & bags

I love bags! I own quite a few, but a bag must meet a number of requirements for me. Good quality, a beautiful design and it should hold enough. From a work bag to a bag for shopping, I have a different one for every occasion.


“There is always lip balm in my purse. Three pieces at least!”


Kirsten & BURKELY

I am a huge fan of the leathers that BURKELY uses, the timeless look of the bags and the quality! At the moment the Even Elin work bag is my favorite.


Life motto:

"Als je doet wat je deed, krijg je wat je kreeg"