Together for a better world!

We take our responsibility when it comes to sustainability, but together we are even stronger. That is why we are happy to tell you what you as a consumer can do to contribute to a better world.



Leather Care

BURKELY bags can last for years with proper maintenance, bringing more life and character to the bag with each experience. Good maintenance does not have to be complicated or take a lot of time. Leather remains a natural product that, just like your own skin, reacts to factors such as (sun) light, water and dirt. Before using the bag, we recommend spraying it with a water- and dirt-repellent spray from a distance of 30 cm and then letting the bag dry for 30 minutes. For all explanations about how to maintain the leather, click here.



Classic and timeless pieces

Invest in classic and timeless items. This way you don't have to replace your bag every year because it is no longer trendy. Which is ofcourse not sustainable and will cost you a lot of money.  Timeless pieces, on the other hand, are a must have for a sustainable wardrobe. Below are a few tips.

1. Stay close to yourself!

The closer you stay to yourself, the more valuable a purchase will be. Try not only to be tempted by items that are 'in', but also look at the model, material and color/print and ask yourself whether this suits you.

2. Ask yourself if you will wear the item at least 20 times.

If so, do it – if no, don't.

3. Styling

Can you go anywhere with the item? Do you have enough to mix it with or does it require more new purchases?

4. You can also recognize timeless items by simple shapes, not too many striking details and solid, calm colors.




BURKELY always offers a 5-year warranty. This way you know for sure that you will enjoy your bag for at least 5 years, but we can already tell you that this will be much longer. Will your bag break within 5 years of purchase? Then we will repair it for free. Only when repair is really no longer an option do we look for another suitable solution together.


We therefore recommend that you, if possible, always make a purchase that includes a warranty on the product. When a guarantee is given on the quality of a product, this means that the product must meet the promised requirements. Usually a warranty is linked to a warranty period. This way you know exactly what a product is worth and for how long.




Have broken items repaired and don't throw them away. Making a small repair is less harmful to the environment than throwing it away. That is why we almost always choose to repair your bag. Only when the bag can no longer be repaired can it be exchanged for a new one.



Second Life

You're cleaning out your closet and guess what? Actually, you don't like this item at all anymore. Of course it can happen that you get bored with a bag, but nowadays there are many websites where you can easily sell your products. This way you earn some money on the products you no longer use and someone else can still enjoy them!



Textile Container

Did you know that bags are also allowed in the textile container?! Make sure that the bag is not wet or heavily soiled by, for example, oil stains.



Give Away or Donate

Don't feel like selling your bag? Then donate your bag to a good cause or don't give it to someone in your area that you know that person will be happy with.