BURKELY was founded long long ago, to be more precise in 1988 by the parent company known as Horsten Leather Fashion which already exists even longer namely since 1944.

In 1944 the company known as Horsten Leather Fashion has been set up by Mister A. Horsten in Waalwijk where all the leather magic happens. Mr. Horsten was able setup a good foundation of this company. Years later when one of his sons Cees Horsten turned sixteen years old and decided not to go school, his father told him he should join the company if he didn’t want to go to school. Nowadays we realize this was a very good decision, since Cees Horsten is still owner of the company and shares his expertise over more than 50 years with his employees.

This knowledge has also been carried over to his son Preben Horsten, junior manager at the company, and aims to grow Burkely further and further.

To achieve this you need a strong team and at BURKELY this team currently consists of thirteen people, one or two trainees who repay each other and a nice four-legged mascot with the name Doris.

BURKELY currently distributes more than 500.000 articles per year to different countries, but this ambitious team does not stop there. They aim for more outlets in more countries and want to expand sales to many more bags per year, but that is another story.