Congratulations on getting your BURKELY bag! Our bags are produced in a sustainable and humane way, from the highest possible quality leather. All the leather used for the production of our bags is a by-product of the dairy industry. Therefore, no animals are being killed for the production of the bags. We attach great value to sustainability and fair production, because we want to play our part in reducing our ecological footprint.

Leather is a natural product, making sure no bag looks similar to another. It only gets prettier the more you use it. The bag gets more character every day, causing the bag, and the memories with it, to last a lifetime! We can understand that you want to preserve those memories and character of the bag, by maintaining it the best way possible. Maintaining the bag does not have to be difficult or take a lot of time. We will explain everything you’ll need to know about leather care on this page.

Waxed leather


Leather is just like your own skin. It reacts to factors like the (sun)light, water and dirt. Before using your BURKELY item, we advise you to treat it with the right maintenance products like a water- and dirt repellent spray. It is important to invest in the right maintainance products, like the ones from Collonil, to make sure you can enjoy the bag to the fullest.

When you have a waxed leather item, we advise to use the Collonil Carbon Wax Spray. Apply the spray at 30 cm distance and let it dry for approximately 30 minutes before usage. When you have a smooth or pigmented leather item, we advise you to use the Collonil Carbon Pro spray. The usage of this product is similar to the Carbon Wax spray. So, spray at 30 cm distance and let dry for 30 minutes. Lastly, we have the buffed leathers and suede and nubuck. In that case, use the Collonil Carbon Nubuck + Suede spray. The usage is the same as the previous products. What is of really high importance, is that when you want to use a maintenance product on a suede or nubuck item, it can never be one on a wax or other greasy substance base. This will cause stains on the leather that cannot be removed.

In our collection there are some bags that are made of two different leathers, like the Secret Sage for example. However, this does not mean you’ll need to use two different maintenance products. Just try to figure out what the most ‘vulnarable’ leather is and use that maintenance product for the entire bag. When in doubt, then always treat the bottom of the bag first to see if the leather has a normal reaction to the product. If so, you can use it for the entire bag.

Weatherproof leather is the one exception amongst our leathers. This leather is used in our Rain Riley collection, and it can resist water for up to 90 minutes. In principle, this leather is pre-treated, so no extra maintenance products are needed to keep it in good condition. If you still want to add extra protection, use Colonil Carbon Pro or Natural Wax-free Waterproof Spray. In no case use any maintenance products based on wax or other greasy substances, because these can cause stains.

We do need to add, that these sprays will only limit the damage, they will not 100% protect the leather. Therefore, try to minimize the usage of your BURKELY item in the rain since this can cause to leave little spots on the leather. If your bag does get wet, let it dry naturally. Never use a blowdryer or put it on a heated spot, since this can dehydrate the leather.

Do you want to store the bag for a while? Make sure to use a cotton bag and no plastic bag. Leather is still a natural product that needs to be able to breath. To keep the shape, fill the bags with some paper before storing it. When you want to use the bag again after storing it, it will be looking brand new.


Smooth leather


We are of the opinion that leather becomes more beautiful the longer it is in use. Should you still want to take care of leather and/or traces of use, then you can apply the Collonil 1909 Wax Leather on pigmented, smooth and waxed leather with a dry cloth or brush. The Collonil 1909 Wax Leather also has a cleaning effect and is available in a neutral colour.

Stains can be given some extra attention, but always make sure to treat the entire surface. Suede and nubuck can be cared for using Collonil Nubuck + Textile Classic, which contains colour pigment to freshen up the leather. Do note that the colour can slightly deviate from the original colour and could leave stains. Lightly spray the product onto the bag, after which you can brush it with a suede brush.


Buffed leather


Spilled something on the bag? They best way to remove it, is by immediately dabbing the spilled substance with a tissue or clean cotton cloth. Don’t try to rub it off, since it can increase the possibility for the stain to stick to the leather.

When the bag is made of pigmented leather, you can use a damp cloth if the stain won’t go away. When the bag is made of waxed leather, grease, oil and moisture stains will gradually go away. If the stain still bothers you, the Collonil Clean & Care Classic helps reduce the visibility. It’s important to treat the bag with the Collonil Carbon Wax spray afterwards, so the leather will once again be protected against dirt and moisture.

Be careful when removing stains on suede and nubuck and limit it to dabbing the substances. These types of leather are vulnerable, so we recommend not wetting them with water or other care and maintenance products. These could possibly make the stains worse. When the stain is serious and seems impossible to remove, feel free to contact us for further advice.


Pigmented leather


Like mentioned before, try to invest in maintenance products if you want preserve the lifespan of your BURKELY item. Which product you can best use, depends on the type of leather. This is mentioned with every item at the product specifications on our website. Not able to find your item on our webshop? Then try these two easy steps to find out which leather is used for your BURKELY item.

Wet your finger and make cicular motions on one spot on the leater. You will see that, in most cases, this spot will become a bit darker due to the moisture. When the spot is no longer visible after 10 seconds, then it’s a pigmented leather. This leather is really user-friendly and needs little to no extra maintenance. When in doubt, you can make a little scratch with your fingernail on the bottom of the bag. When there is no visible scar, you are certain it’s a pigmented leather.

When the dark spot is still (partly) visible after those 10 seconds and the scar is visible, you can be sure it’s a waxed leather. This leather has a beautiful, natural and somewhat robust look with different colour shades. With this leather some extra maintenance is really important, since it has no extra protective top layer.

When the dark spot and the scar are visible and the leather has an even color and feels smooth, you can bet it’s a smooth leather. As you can see, these criteria are quite similar to the ones of the waxed leather, so how can you keep them apart? The difference is in finished look of the leather. Smooth leather has a glossy finish but the waxed leather has more of a matte finish.

When the leather has more of a open structure and seels almost velvety, we call it a buffed leather. Suede and nubuck are good examples of a buffed leather. The open structure makes it easy for dirt and grease to make stains on the leather, so some extra maintenance is definitely needed with this type of leather.

Lastly, we have hair-on leather. Here the fur of the animal is clearly visible and you can feel it as well. This is a type of leather were you do not need to use any maintenance products for. The hair keep the leather protected, so nothing else is needed to keep it in the state it is.